Jim is a licensed Professional Engineer in 12 states specializing in corrosion control of steel and concrete structures with a primary focus on elevated structures such as water towers, smoke stacks, power plant boilers, water pumping stations, etc. His role as an expert witness is to help the court reach a decision by furnishing independent expert analysis, and professionally opine on a particular issue based on provided information that is the basis of a pending lawsuit. In most cases, the complexities of a case involving water tanks and other elevated concrete and steel structures is difficult for most jurists and even judges to understand. As an expert in the field of water tank engineering, Jim can help those not in the industry to better understand the complex issues and all of the information that has been presented, as well as offer a professional opinion based on many years of experience with water tank engineering. As a seasoned expert witness with extensive technical and courtroom experience, he will always remain at ease under any cross-examination.

Construction of Elevated Steel & Concrete Structures

Jim has been nationally recognized by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) for the design of structural rehabilitation of a 90 year landmark steel water tower with concrete support at Imperial Sugar Plant in Sugar Land, Texas. He was also nominated for national recognition in design of a complex project to rehabilitate 70 year old concrete & steel water plant structure on Brazos River near Alvin, Texas spanning a three year period allowing for extended flood stage in each year.

Corrosion Engineering of Steel & Concrete Structures

Jim is a licensed Professional Engineer in 12 states who specializes in corrosion control of elevated steel and concrete structures such as water towers, smoke stacks, power plant boilers, and water pumping stations. He has been nationally recognized by The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) for his design of coating systems to extend the life of structures to 50 years at Bryan, Texas, and was also nationally recognized by SSPC for his protective coating designs at La Porte & Celina, Texas.

Fall Protection on Elevated Structures

Jim has extensive experience in fall protection for elevated structures. He is OSHA trained in Fall Protection and NACE (National Assn of Corrosion Engineers) for lead abatement on steel structures. He has extensive experience utilizing and instructing others with respect to fall arrestor devices on rail, cable, tubular & rope safety climb device systems to ascend to heights up to 250’ on over 1,500 structures.